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Why does sugar baby fear to have an intimate relationship with a sugar daddy? How to solve it?

Young girls are always nervous about dating older men and don't know whether to get close to their sugar daddies. If you want your sugar relationship to be lighter and sweeter, don't let the fear of intimacy get in the way, according to the survey of girls who have had a sugar dating experience for a long time. Take a look at these practical ways to identify and overcome what's holding you back.

Do you eager to intimate with sugar daddies, but are afraid of being rejected? Often, it's hard to open up to a stranger because you don't want to be hurt again. Past failed dating experiences and even marriages have led you to lose faith in men, so you feel uneasy, frustrated, and even disgusted when they suggest they want to have sex with you.

While we keep a safe distance from our partners to ensure safety, we are still alone, often alone, missing out on the opportunity to experience the beautiful, healing connections that only relationships can provide. Of course, you also reject the warmth and love your partner gives you, which makes it difficult for them to build a long-term, stable relationship with you because you don't trust them. Therefore, while you dating a sugar daddy on sugar daddy app or website will not get true fun.

Your love hurt could happen slowly over the course of years of dating and broken relationships. Or it could be a painful relationship that makes you vow never to trust another person again. Over time, you'll find yourself more and more afraid of contact, avoiding dating, or distancing yourself from your relationship to avoid more painful heartbreak, loss, and rejection.

Or maybe you even have what's called avoidant attachment, which means your fear of intimacy and connection is rooted in your childhood, deep in your brain. (if you're not sure what an attachment-based love type is, you can take the following love type test to find out.) This style seeks independence. Many avoidant people do crave close relationships, but they struggle with intimacy and connection. Their brains are essentially designed to avoid intimacy. They sometimes have an uncontrollable urge to distance themselves from their partner, especially if the partner wants more connection, commitment or intimacy. This makes building a close relationship challenging and confusing for both parties.

What should you do if you want to have an intimate relationship with your sugar daddy? Here are some tips to keep your heart open:

Don't let a little thing become a big thing

This advice is especially true for those with avoidant attachments, but it also applies to those who struggle in intimate relationships. In fact, we have a habit of ignoring our partner's strengths and amplifying our minor weaknesses. For example, when we were eating, we found that he would make a loud chewing noise or snore while sleeping. This is a weakness that many people have, but when you deliberately magnify it, it's hard to see the good in them.

If you find yourself distracted by these superficial things, try to remember that this is the original part of your brain that is trying to protect you. In today's dating world, it can be a barrier to finding a partner. It can help you focus on the positive qualities you find in your partner, and deliberately ignore the parts of your brain that try to focus on the small, superficial traits that don't really define a person.

Remember, there are no perfectionists in this world. In other words, you'll never find a "perfect" partner, but you can try to live with them and they'll become special.

Sugar daddy likes you to depend on him

In a culture that values independence and despises dependence on others, you may be encouraged to do everything on your own. Of course, independence has great value in many aspects of our lives. In a mutual benefit relationship , however, sugar babies are more dependent on their sugar daddy. On the contrary, you are taught to be independent of your childhood, and as you grow up, you seldom depend on others, which makes you develop a sense of independence and pride.

Dear girl, this can isolate you from your sugar daddy, make your partner feel distant and sometimes rejected. Science also tells us that as humans, we perform better and live longer, happier and healthier lives when we have a partner.

Yes, it is true that dependence is actually a good thing. Sugar Daddy loves their baby dependent on them.

Intimacy is NOT a four-letter word

If you're afraid of intimacy, but you know you want a committed relationship, know that your brain will find ways to sabotage your success in a relationship. When you're physically or emotionally close to sugar daddy, you know he's not committed to you, so you refuse to return his texts and phone calls because you don't know how to handle yourself.

By increasing your sense of self, you can learn to see these problems as attachments to impulses and work toward healing and correcting them, so that you tend to connect rather than avoid it.

If you find yourself pulling away after a period of intimacy with your partner, try leaning into uncomfortable places. You know, your brain learns survival strategies at an early age, just to keep you safe. Challenge yourself to realize that you may not need that childhood survival strategy because you're an adult who wants a committed relationship.

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