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Did your sugar baby reject you, but still flirted you? Reasons tell you why!

A sugar baby rejected you on the meet sugar daddy dating online website, but she still wants your attention. She may text you, flirt with you, or even deliberately lead you on, to your dismay. At this point, you might be thinking, "why on earth is this girl playing hide-and-seek with me?" These mind games are getting on your nerves. The whole situation is driving you crazy!

Want to know why these sugar babies do this? Let's take a look:

Reason # 1: she's not available or ready

As a sugar baby who has been active on sugar daddy websites for years, she may still be young, but she has so much experience that she doesn't usually start a new arrangement easily. When that happens, it's probably because they're not particularly happy with your profile, but they don't want to lose a good sugar daddy, so they're flirting with you while rejecting you. Another reason is that she may be looking for opportunities to hang out with other, wealthier men. If so, she may turn you down because she finds you to be slightly less attractive than the potential partner she's looking for.

Reason 2: You love her so much

Usually, when you're in the attraction phase of dating, you want to make sure that you have a mutual connection, that it's mutual, that it starts on a more or less equal level.

Being a man, though, is always more active in relationships. But, don't forget, this is a website looking for sugar daddy dates , so don't worry if you won't find a smart, beautiful, young sugar baby date. Almost all sugar daddy and sugar baby websites have four sugar babies for every sugar daddy. Isn't that a bad ratio? Therefore, put down your steps, do not be too active, will find your sugar baby.

Reason # 3: She just sees you as a friend

She thinks you're more like a friend. There could be many reasons for this. Maybe you're not being direct or taking the lead, but you keep saying "yes" to her. It doesn't give her anything of substance. You've been trying to make her happy, but in the meantime, you've been losing yourself. Too often you are acting as a mentor, rather than thinking about her from a match point of view.

Reason # 4: You can't motivate her

Women want to be inspired by men, and real inspiration comes from motivation and positivity. She wants to learn from you, because in her eyes, you are a mature and successful man, in your body, you can learn more. So if your life is all about her, how can she be motivated? For her to see you as a high-quality, exceptional person, all you have to do is have a clear purpose, follow and pursue what makes you happy.

How to make these beautiful young girls like you instead of rejecting you?

First, I suggest you take the time to get to know her and don't rush to deny her. It is possible that she has experienced something in the past that is difficult for her to accept, such as a family tragedy, a recent breakup, or a setback in her studies. If at this time you can patiently accompany her to help her through the difficulties, in the long run, she may gradually open up to you and accept you as her sugar daddy.

If she needs support, support her, but also let her know that you will give her privacy and not be bossy. A lot of times, when we like or love someone, we go into what I call "flight or fight" mode, which is not where I want you to be.

Paying attention to the root of her behavior...

Reason 1.: Coming on way too strong.

You have to pace yourself and not put a woman on a pedestal. When you're dating a woman, you may think this girl is the best option you've ever had, but if you treat her like she's the girl you've never met, women feel that way. If this is you, then I want you to step back and let her get closer to you. You can go on other dates and let her know that you don't really care about her right now. If not, I hope you can give yourself some time to regain your sense of self. So she starts to realize she needs you!

Reason # 2: She's dating someone else and now has an alternative.

If you find out that your sugar baby is dating another guy because it makes you realize that your relationship is out of your control, you start to get jealous and endlessly angry. When this happens, the best thing to do is to maintain your dignity, move on, and not lose yourself just because of what's right in front of you. That way, you'll get the attention of a more sugary baby.

Reason 3: She thinks you want a physical relationship, not anything else.

Most sugar babies think they may need to have sex with their sugar daddy to get what they want. And they think sugar daddy thinks the same. If you want to change your sugar baby's view of you, only when your sugar baby completely opens up to you.

Reason # 4: She doesn't think you're an ideal mate.

If we expect to be everyone's ideal partner, we take personal offense to every rejection. If you let go of expectations, you will provide more quality and richness in the attraction phase and the relationship. Sometimes girls just don't feel it. It's the same with men, but sometimes you can't feel it with women.

Reason # 5: You don't form an emotional bond.

You don't have any depth in the conversation, and you don't form any other connections.No emotional connection, no physical connection. Women decide when to have sex with you, or how they feel about you based on how you make them feel.

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